Sunday, October 31, 2010

a great work

Do they exist many things that I would like to make as work, example of it would be it to be a professional musician, but a what I would like really to be an archaeologist, why?, because I like movies of Indiana Jones and the documentaries on archaeological and historical big discoveries. Where one can discover the mysteries of the big civilizations, of the towns natives from all over the world. Because I believe that I would enjoy to be an archaeologist, first because my thirst of knowledge is enormous and because to be part of a great discovery like it was when Heinrich Schliemann found the city of Troya or when Howard Crankcase discovered the tomb of Tutankamon, to think that one can be part of those big events and that the history is engraving my name that it would be also for what I would like to be a great anthropologist, this the reason that one of my biggest passions is the history and with it to know like it was before. The satisfaction that grants an employment as east or any other work type is when one is carried out of being able to make that that to one more he likes it, tolerating the time, the money or any other situation that have this employment, but especially the bonus of making that that to one more he likes to make. The only time that I met a person that was devoted to this personally was when work, and the owner of an architecture office was devoted as hobby, but he had already made some discoveries to the south of Chile, for that reason I believe that when it finishes the university I would like to make this as hobby and because I believe that my career allows to be carried out it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

God does not play dice

For me a famous person of the history is Albert Einstein, a great physicist and creator of the Theory of Relativity General and its famous equation E=MC^2 . This great man is a mind of the 20´century, who was only a simple public official of patent in Switzerland, where his powerful mind imagined the mysteries of universe. I would also like to be whit another great figure, Leonardo Da Vince, my greatest inspirations, since his demonstration that the human species has no limits and that we only need to have the desire to do what you want to do. To have a time machine, and to talk about with them, him first that would ask it is if it is considered an of the most intelligent men in the world and if believes that their theory change the form of seeing, to think and to understand the enormous universe. Then it is if exchange something of their life. Also him ask like you imagines many of the big ideas to be able to understand like the universe is structured, if believes that beings of other world or planets exist and if he would like to make contact with them, since they would be a more advanced race and that to be able to travel for the space they should know more secret of the universe. Because I believe that Arbert Einstain is for my an important and interesting character, because it put to the man that you think of the knowledge like movie stars.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learn English

I like Learn English so much, although for me is very difficult, since I have not a good above base of the school, because in my school the English was not very important and only we had few classes, in the four year of my tempo of student. However those to be of English the learned for my part, with see movies in this idiom, listening music and reading in English, other reason because is that I´m integral of a band that sings in this idiom, since the vocal of the band and my best friend Esteban know talk very good in English, also the bass that study whit my in the same University, where the learning English, however they has better base that my. This idiom I not use always, because, I not practice in the week and only when I´m in classes, whit my favorite professor, the great Simon Higginson, who treats me of teach, but with few results. My personal opinion on the importance of learn English is very important, since for me future profession the programs that one used the versions they are always in English, also when one wants to grow professionally abroad taking post grades and it is requirement to know English, another point is that the important documents related with the career of geography are published in magazines foreigner in English. In my case it is important to know how to speak and to write very English since I have a very important project that is my band Thunder Lord, where the topics are in English and we wait that in some day to be able to play abroad, especially in Europe.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An interesting store

The place where I like to visit and to go whenever I can they are two the building Crown Square and the store Fender, why I like to visit these stores, because it is where they sell instruments musical of all type and especially the guitars that I like they are Jackson, because I have an and it is the guitar with which I play, Fender because the pattern Stratocaster has a special sound and Gilson with the prettiest guitar that there the pattern LE-PAUL, also because they sell all type of teams to record and to begin to have a test room where my band plays and record. There is this stores I have gone more than for ten years and it is where I usually buy the accessories, teams and instruments that I occupy to play and to rehearse. The concurrence with which I attend is mostly when I have to buy my strings for my two electric guitars and an acoustics, in these stores I sit down as a boy in a toyshop or as a cat in the butcher shop. What I like to make in these stores is to prove the recording teams and the guitars that are there, as well as the different amplifiers, comparing the different sounds that these they have. In some stores they can be made different course, as of guitar, recording of tracks and of other instruments. Another reason for which I go is that there are stores where they repair the guitars of all type. This is a very amusing world of knowing where the pleasure to play some instrument or of recording what one makes when one has a band.

Fiestas Patrias del bicentenario

These Fiestas Patrias are always since a special occasion I share with my family, and I wait that always this with them. When he was a boy we went to the Inns, but for problems with the ambient stop to go and we begin he is necessary to take place in the house, where we share with my other familiar, as my grandparents. But once it was special since we pass these parties in Lampa, where they had traditional competitions, eat typical and a lot that to drink, where we saw careers to the Chilean, stick with fat and other games. We also ate many empanadas, roasted and other rich thing. With my father we play comets and we saw the careers of the horses and of career dogs, to my mother the helping her in the things for the food. A long time ago no longer we go to the Inns and other places, since now we carry out any celebration in our house where we share all together with a great family. The Fiestas Patria as any other parties is since always of great importance the step with my family and we sit down next to the table to share. Concluding this it finishes party it is special because the country turns since two hundred years of republican life it is a special year for that happened in February with the earthquake and with the miners, let us hope it doesn't pass anything bad until year end.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A perfect day for my

For my idea of a perfect day was in the happy new year of 2004, this party was special because after of four and haft years to solve my problem with my brother. This discussion it was a stupidity where no talked. Why is special this day, because all my family returned to be together in the dinner of New Year, for beginning this year in family. This date were in the house preparing and ordering all for the night, all it was special and after the midnight were drinking, talking and happening as a great family. For my after of this night I felt calm and happy, specially because my brother and my family were join again. I remember and keep in my memory the imagine, because my family is the most important that to have in my life. My idea of a perfect day always is with my family, as the vacation, happy birthday, merry Christmas and Happy new years, or any date in which I meet with family and where we are well and united. After the New Year in that it rediscovers me with my brother treatment that the days are perfect and not alone an idea of a perfect day. Several years of that date have passed and each new party of year end is a reminder that if we are together the days they will be perfect.

General Information of Thunder Lord


In the year 2001 born our band with clear influences of the old school of thrash and heavy metal. Since the beginning the purpose of the music of the band was keep the essence of this stile of metal alive along the time, some of the bands that mark us was Running Wild. Living Death ,Iron Angel an others great bands of the eighties.

But something was needed to do this project, a great name that represent the force, the speed and the power of metal, and thinking and thinking a night of winter listen the rain and true heavy metal a powerful thunder sound in the sky and we think that this is the sound that we wanted , because was fast and strong, and for that we called thunder lord.

Later, after of some changes in the line up of the band we recorded our first demo in the year 2003 that called thunder attack. For his force the band played in metal forces 6 where the powerful thunder of thunder lord sound for first time, and since that our thunder has keep sounding for keep alive the force, the speed and the essence of the old school's heavy and thrash metal.

By the work it and the excellent acceptance of his first work THUNDER ATTACK in the national underground metal, it has allowed him strille and play in far cities like PUERTO MONTT and MELIPILLA, also the thunder has receivid very good reviews from cauntries like ARGENTINA,PERÚ, GREECE, ITALY, GERMANY and BOLIVIA, in this cast country and with the support of ALVACAST RECORDS, they did a reedition of THUNDER ATTACK.

After some changes, THUNDER LORD begins to work in his new album, it is recorded in the year 2005, and presented the same year. The fury, the force and the power of the thunder sound again this new album like the first maintain all the essence of thrash and old school heavy metal. That we have in our veins, this new album is called " THUNDER STRIKE BACK " not only but rather aslo because the old school is back and in the battlefield the hordes of metal are more powerfull and strong aslo thanks to the participation of " ALCOHOLIC PRODUCTION " , this album is launches in november together other great bands.


Thunder Lord this burly currently:

ESTEVEN PENAILILLO vocals and guitar
MISAEL CABELLO guitar and vocals
FRANCISCO MENARES bass and chorus

Thank you all for participation and delivery .... THUNDER LORD


“Thunder Attack”








“Thunder Strike Back”










10.- TRUST

“Hymns Of Wrath In This Metal Age”